The spring bite has begun but the rules must be followed to catch fish in the variable March weather. The big secret is to fish on the 3rd day of warm, calm weather. The huge body of water is at 52 degrees. As the sun shines the surface slowly warms and then separates from the colder water. If the wind blows the warm layer mixes with cold water and is erased. But, if no wind blows for an extended period, bass and crappie move shallow to brush shelters to bask in temperatures of 58 degrees or warmer. The backs of canyons are best since the water is murkier there and warms more quickly than clear water. Afternoons, from 3-6 pm are the most productive times.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to tell if fish are active is to look in the submerged treetops in the backs of coves. If you see a fish staring back at you from the treetop you know that will be a good spot to concentrate some fishing pressure. Even when the boat drifts over these shallow, basking fish they do not spook easily and can be caught on plastic grubs and spinnerbaits. No fish in the trees doesn't necessarily mean there are no fish biting, but more time should be devoted to those areas where fish are visible.

After a storm front mixes the surface water don't expect to see fish because they do not come to the surface without the lure of warm water. To catch fish after a storm front use small jigs and fish them very slowly. Larger lures will work for active, shallow fish. Striped bass are still quiet with most fish located in the upper reaches of the reservoir. Look near Hite and the upper San Juan for stripers. The buoy barricade still guards the Glen Canyon Dam forebay. Negotiations with the Bureau of Reclamation are proceeding slowly to get the barricade opened so that anglers can fish near the dam this spring. If you would like to influence BOR to make the right decision about opening the barricade you may call the Salt Lake Office at 801-524-6294 to express your opinion. A few phone calls may make the difference at this stage of the negotiation.