APRIL 5, 1996


The spring flood release is complete and water levels are stabilizing. Warm days and shorter nights cause an increase in water temperature which activates fish. Spring spawning of bass and crappie is now beginning. All these factors mean that it is time to go fishing at Lake Powell.

Bass were slow to bite last week but now are getting more active with each passing day. The best fishing is found during the warmest part of the day. Mid-afternoons are the most productive time period. Bass and crappie are falling for chartreuse, green or salt and pepper colored plastic grubs. If fish are shallow and can be seen in the backs of coves use light weight jigs. If fish are deeper use heavy lead heads, from 1/2 to one ounce. Keep the lure in contact with bottom for best results. Expect to catch largemouth, smallmouth and crappie on the same rig. Use a smaller hook and offering for bluegill which are large and abundant this spring.

Striped bass are deep with only an occasional fish caught at 40-60 feet on anchovies, jigging spoons or down-rigger trolled lures. Most fish are in the upper lake. Look for the first big catches of stripers to come from the mudline where the Colorado river dumps into Lake Powell near Hite. Expect stripers to be fewer in number this spring but of superb quality. Five to eight pound fish will be regularly caught. Expect to catch 5 fish per day instead of the 50 caught last year. The higher quality and larger size will make up for the reduction in number caught per day. The buoy barricade is still in place in front of Glen Canyon Dam and will not be removed before April 15th. More information will be provided as it becomes available.