JUNE 21, 1996


Fishing pressure and angler success are much lower than seen earlier in the year. There are some excellent opportunities for those that would like to fish without much competition from other anglers. First, fish during twilight hours. Fish are most active at dawn and dusk. Second, take advantage of changes in fish behavior that make them vulnerable to anglers.

With the water warming, striped bass larger than 4 pounds need to be in cool water which is found 40-60 feet deep. Shad inhabit the warm surface layers so the larger stripers are separated from their food. The bigger fish are getting hungry and starting to feed on anchovies. Try steep canyon walls in the main channels with anchovies. Once located a deep striper school can be stimulated into feeding by broadcasting small pieces of anchovies all around the boat. Attracting stripers with anchovies was legalized in 1996 to help anglers harvest striped bass. As the broadcast bait settles slowly, the school is attracted to the sight of scales and flashing silver food with a strong aroma. Feeding activity in one fish will stimulate the whole school into feeding. An unweighted, one-inch chunk of anchovy that settles as slowly as the free falling bait is too tempting for a hungry striper to resist.

Striper fishing success has been reported in Hall's Creek Bay by anglers trolling at 30-60 feet with leaded line and rapala lures. They were fishing in the back of the main canyon trolling back and forth near the cottonwood tree stumps. They took stripers averaging 4 pounds and walleye and bass as well.

Anglers at Hite are consistently finding fish in White Canyon but also starting to pick up fish near the marina. Anchovies are starting to work but trolling seems to be the most productive angling method.

Bass fishing is only fair lakewide but good at the traditional summertime hot spots. Smallmouth are biting well at the Rincon, Good Hope Bay, and upper San Juan early and late. Use plastic grubs for consistent action.

Catfishing is heating up with good catches reported in the upper San Juan, Good Hope to Hite area and on most sandy beach camping areas lake wide. Bluegill action is consistent but the size of bluegill caught is declining with spawning winding down.