JUNE 28, 1996


Fishing success comes early each day. Response to shad dominates game fish behavior. Shad spawn at first light and are vulnerable to predation. To catch fish key in on the shad pattern. Use surface lures early when shad are running the shoreline. Poppers and stickbaits work well while some are using unweighted plastic grubs cast into the shallows and stickups. Let the lure rest until the splash rings disappear then gently twitch the bait a time or two. As the morning wears on continue to use reaction type baits that bass have to chase. Jerk baits, sluggos, or grubs on a split shot rig will work well. Bass leave the surface after the sun hits the water pausing at 10 feet for an hour or two then sinking to 20-30 feet during midday.

Smallmouth are the most catchable fish with largemouth being caught in good numbers near Hite this past week. Fish rocky points, ledges and dropoffs for bass action. An extremely effective combination is a single tail smoke-sparkle grub on a Gamakatsu hook with a single or double split shot attached to the line 18 inches above the bait. Drag the lure gingerly along the bottom. Bury the point of the hook in the plastic when fishing near brush.

The middle section of the lake from Good Hope to Last Chance including the upper San Juan is good for bass.

Striped bass are beginning to boil in the upper most reaches of the Dirty Devil and the San Juan at Zahn Bay. They hit the surface early and late and even during midday. Most boils are of short duration but they can be approached for a cast or two before the school sounds. They have been popping back up in the same area and patient anglers can catch 10-20 stripers in two hours of chasing boils. Other striper action has been confined to trolling at depths greater than 30 feet with leaded line or down riggers. Stripers have been caught trolling in the backs of Hall's Creek and Bullfrog Bay.

Catfish are very active now on most sandy beaches and can be caught on liver, shrimp, or table scraps. Look on sandy beaches near camp at dusk for fast fishing.