JUNE 7, 1996


The fish have moved to summertime feeding and holding patterns. That means fish early and late, and fish deep in full daylight. Catching is good because the fish are very predictable and once located fish will be found in the same locations all summer long.

Smallmouth bass are the most catchable fish, particularly the 6-10 inch variety. They are found on rocky points, shelves, islands, and rock slides over the entire lake. The smaller fish are shallow, from the shoreline to 15 feet. The bigger fish are in the same general areas but holding at 25-35 feet. Use plastic grubs on quarter ounce heads and bounce the jig off the bottom along the breaking edge of rocky structure. After a few bounces, slowly swim the grub through the water column back to the boat. Smallmouth will hit topwater lures for the first and last hour of daylight each day. Good fishing has been reported in Last Chance, Rincon, Good Hope Bay and upper San Juan. An occasional largemouth will be caught while fishing for smallmouth.

Stripers are getting more dependable now. Fish are being taken early and late in Warm Creek, mouth of West Canyon, Bullfrog Creek, Red Canyon, and upper San Juan. The pattern is to find shad schools that are permanent residents of the back of a canyon or cove. At Bullfrog shad are holding in the back of Bullfrog Creek where the bay makes an S turn. Look for the solitary steep cliff on the left that marks the beginning of the turn to make sure your at the right place. Every morning and evening stripers can be caught by anglers trolling and casting grubs. Crankbaits can be used and should be trolled or retrieved very quickly while grubs can be fished more slowly with an up and down swimming action. Fish near shad during low light periods for best striper success lake wide.

Bluegill are the best thing going right now. Huge males (3/4 pound) are guarding nests in shallow water and will hit small grubs or live worms fished near the nest. They can often be seen striking the bait and the visual display is as much fun as catching the fish. Bluegills are active lakewide with great reports coming out of Good Hope Bay. Channel catfish action is heating up in the evenings on sandy beaches that provide good campsites.

A 31 pound striper was recently caught in Slick Rock canyon by an angler trolling a shad rap. Trolling morning and evening is a good way to get a trophy striped bass. Troll deep with down riggers in the day time and shallow at dusk and after dark.

A lake record green sunfish (14 oz.) was also taken last week.