AUG 23, 1996


The summer fishing pattern is still holding. Water temperatures remain warm although shorter days and cooler nights are beginning to loosen summer's grip. Bass are deep while stripers are feeding in quick surface blasts. Catfish are hot and bluegill are always on the prowl.

Striped bass action is best in the upper lake from Bullfrog to Hite. Anglers in White Canyon have found that rapidly boiling stripers can be ambushed by parking the boat at the expected spot of attack. If the boat is within casting range when the stripers pop to the top some really nice 4-6 pound fish can be taken. Boils last less than a minute but striper schools stay in the same area and repeatedly come to the surface in afternoon and evening hours. Check the mouth of Trachyte, White Canyon and the bay in between.

Longer lasting striper boils are randomly seen between Good Hope and Hansen Creek. Check Smith Fork Canyon, Forgotten Canyon and the main channel downstream from Good Hope Bay. Look near the main channel canyon walls and in coves and in the mouths of side canyons during evening hours. Bullfrog and Hall's Bay have some quick boiling stripers feeding in a pattern similar to that described for White Canyon.

We have no current reports from the San Juan but expect bass fishing to be steady. We have no reported striped bass action in the San Juan. In the lower lake fish are deep with no surface action reported. Bass are bunched in the cooler, deep water waiting for the surface to cool slightly before beginning to gorge on abundant shad living in the surface layers. Smallmouth are hitting well in the upper lake with anglers fishing near Hite reporting fast fishing for bass. Look's like Hite is the place to be in late August.