AUG 29, 1996


Pack the rods, throw the kids in the boat and head for Bullfrog or Hite. The striped bass that have been simmering for the last month are finally "boiling over" at Bullfrog and Hite Marinas and many points in between. The 4-6 pound fish have blown to the surface in grand fashion.

At Bullfrog the action is best from 7 to 10 am with huge boils happening right in the middle of Bullfrog Bay. Start at the marina and head toward Halls Crossing Marina. Look for fish right in the middle of the bay near the large haystack rocks that guard the entrance to Stanton Creek. Boils may be found anywhere in Bullfrog or Halls Creek Bay but this is where the largest boils happened on August 28th. Five boats were working the boil and anglers were reporting catching as many as 50 fish per boat.

At Hite the action heats up in the evening. From 5 pm to dark there are numerous boils seen near the marina, the bridges up lake, and at the mouth of White Canyon and Trachyte. There are many rapid small boils but some schools are staying up long enough to let you catch 10-15 fish.

It may be possible for the hearty angler to fish the large schools of fish at Bullfrog in the morning and then head up lake to Hite in the afternoon to chase the more numerous but smaller boils until dark. There will probably be schools of fish feeding in the channel between the two marinas that will prevent anglers from completing the intended trip.

Stripers boil best during calm periods when they can most efficiently trap shad against the surface. When the wind blows, stripers calm down. Smallmouth bass, which are lurking at 25-40 feet get more active when the wind blows and come shallow to feed when the waves are crashing and reducing the visibility and the sun's glare. Bass have been caught boiling early in the morning on the San Juan and over main channel reefs on windy days by anglers throwing crankbaits. Look for a shallow reef near deep water. When the wind blows the stripers away, tie on a deep running crank bait and work it across the reef. Smallmouth will hit much better and be more shallow on a cloudy day.

The fish at Lake Powell are ready. September will be a terrific month for catching stripers and smallmouth bass. Presently, most of the action is centered at Bullfrog and Hite with some good smallmouth action on the San Juan. The rest of the lake is only fair except for catfish which are hitting well over the entire lake.