AUG 9, 1996


The lake is declining at the moderate rate of 2 inches per day and one foot per week. The water temperature is holding near 80 degrees. Temperatures are warmer in the canyons and coves in the afternoons and cooler early in the mornings and in the main channel. Fishing is improving following a lull caused by bright, warm sun and full moon.

Striped bass are the big news with surface boils happening early and late in the mid and upper portions of the lake. Striped bass have moved upstream from Bullfrog and are now found in Hansen, Smith Fork, and Forgotten. Large numbers of shad are found in the main channel between Hansen Creek and Smith's Fork. The shad are rounded up by striper schools and randomly driven against any of the rock walls in the immediate vicinity. Cruise the channel and canyon mouths during the first 2 hours of light and again after 6 pm at night. The boils may contain from 2 to 2000 fish. Check out surface splashes by casting a surface riding "stick bait" to individual splashes. Blind casting around shad schools may also entice a strike from a cruising striper. The fish are in great shape and weigh as much as 8 pounds. Do not expect to catch big numbers but be prepared to catch BIG fish.

At Hite the surface action begins about 2 pm and lasts until evening. Stripers, largemouth and smallmouth are chasing shad and can be readily taken on surface lures. Individual boils are of shorter duration at Hite but the boiling period is much longer.

Striper boils were not seen this week in Zahn Bay in the San Juan Arm. Fish may be boiling between the mouth of the San Juan and the Great Bend but no recent reports have been received from this area.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been excellent on cloudy days but only fair on bright sunny days. Light colored plastic grubs are working best. Bottom contact must be maintained as the lure is slowly retrieved back to the boat. Go deep on bright sunny days.

Catfishing is excellent and blue gill are ever present.