SEP 13, 1996


Striper boiling action built all last week and peaked on Tuesday September 10th. We were lucky enough to be in Bullfrog Bay early that morning and managed to capture 35 fish from 7 to 9 am (MDT). Fish size ranged from 2 to 8 pounds. We found the first boils in Halls Creek just through the cut that connects Bullfrog and Halls bays. Then we went through the cut into Bullfrog Bay and found numerous boils feeding right towards us. The next day was windy and boiling action decreased. Some days will be better than others but generally the boils are predictable and the fish catchable. It is imperative to fish the first 2 hours of light in the morning or the last two hours at night to ensure catching stripers. Random boils may be seen during the day but they are not necessarily predictable or repeatable. The morning and evening fish will be at the same place, same time each day.

We saw boils in the main channel between Slick Rock and Lake Canyon. These boils were quick but fish could be caught by rushing the boil and casting quickly as the fish went down. The Bullfrog and Hall's fish were staying up long enough to catch 5 fish from each school. It was still best to approach the school quickly, stop in casting range and make the first cast count. Throw just beyond the feeding frenzy and drag your top water, shallow runner, grub or spoon through the melee.

On September 11th we were in Good Hope and the wind was blowing. Stripers still boiled, but only briefly in the choppy water and we caught only 3 fish. Stripers are boiling near the launch ramp at Hite and upstream towards the river. They are going strong at White and Trachyte and in the channel down to and including Good Hope Bay. They are surfacing in the San Juan from Neskahi to Zahn Bay. Finally, a boil was seen on Sept. 10th in Warm Creek Bay.

Now is the time to fish boiling stripers. We predict excellent to fantastic fishing during calm weather for at least two more weeks and probably 4 weeks. In my experience, this is probably the second best year we have ever had for fall striper boils.

We did fish for bass when it was windy and no stripers were up. The smallmouth were really hitting clear/sparkle, shad imitating, plastic grubs. Smaller grubs (2-3 inches) worked best on 1/8 ounce lead heads. We tried catfishing while cooking dinner one night and that was just as good as bass and striper fishing. Our menu was marinated turkey breast and the catfish and bluegill at our campsite just loved it.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to fish at Lake Powell, the next two weeks would be that time. Have fun.