April 18, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson

This is it. Peak fishing for smallmouth, largemouth and crappie will happen during the next 2 weeks. The lake temperature increased 6 degrees in one day between April 16th and 17th. Bass and crappie had spawning postponed by the recent cold weather and now they will move together into shallow water for nest building and spawning activity. Fishing will be good in both clear and murky water. Crappie catching will be a little better in the cloudy water but any brushy spot in the back of a canyon or cove may produce bragging size fish.

Fish will be very visible especially in clear water. Remember that once an angler sees a fish that the fish has also had a similar experience. Both angler and fish are aware of each others presence. Fish tend to run from that situation and are not likely to bite until they feel comfortable once more.

Attack the problem by throwing long casts into the cove before the fish get nervous. Then move into the cove and see what fish are left to look at. If fish are seen, mark the location and return 2 hours later and try a stealthy approach.

Lure choice is yours. Use something with which you are comfortable and have caught fish on before. If this is your first time, use a 1/8 ounce lead head with a 2 inch plastic grub in pumpkin, white, or chartreuse. Dangle the jig right in the brush or swim it past the edge of the brush or rocky ledge or dropoff. Fish will be 5-15 feet deep and willing to bite. You will catch fish.

Striped bass action is still very spotty but I expect to see some fish caught this week as the warming water will also get the striped bass active. Striper fishing will be better in May.

That's all for now. I am going fishing.