June 6, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson
LAKE ELEVATION: 3682 (rising one ft/day)
Temperature: (Daily Range 70-75 F)

Smallmouth bass refuse to quit and stripers are starting up. It continues to be a dream year for fishing beautiful Lake Powell. Smallmouth and some largemouth have moved to main channel points and deep water around submerged islands. Small fish have now moved on to recently flooded flats and are real suckers for dark pumpkin or green plastic grubs fished on eighth-ounce heads. The better fish are still in deeper water (15-30 feet) closely associated with the edge of a dropoff. There is an early morning and late evening topwater bite in coves with brush. Smallmouth are coming up from 15 feet to hit the Pop-R or Sugoi Splash as it gently spits and gurgles water on the retrieve.

An absolute fool proof method for catching quality smallmouth is to drag a split shot rigged double tailed grub along the 20-25 foot bottom contour. The quarter ounce lead weight 24 inches above the bait drags bottom while the grub wiggles weightlessly, tantalizing hungry smallmouth. Catch bass all day long with this technique. Let the boat drift while the grub slowly moves along the bottom.

Stripers are heating up in the Bullfrog area. Trollers are taking 5-10 pound fish in the back of Bullfrog Bay, and along the main channel walls from Moki to Hansen Creek. Trolling the main channel at the 18-25 foot depth is working lake wide. Some days 10 big fish are taken and sometimes only 2. Persistent pays for taking the real quality stripers. Little Macs are proven striper getters if you can find them.

The small, 8 inch stripers are starting to show up everywhere. They are most often encountered in the backs of major canyons where the brown water and green water meet. They have formed picket lines to intercept young shad which have been spawned in the brown water. As the young shad swim into the green water they become visible and are attacked by young stripers. It is really ugly out there. Please do your part by spending an hour catching the little predators and then taking them home to eat. You can't find a better fish dinner.

Two pound stripers are starting to hit anchovies virtually anywhere shad schools can be located. Look near the gravel pile in Wahweap Bay, the back of Navajo and most other major canyons that have muddy water in the back. Concentrate on the green-brown interface.

Walleye are still hitting. Fish a plastic jig just like you would for bass but tip it with a live night crawler for good walleye action.