August 15, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3692.8
Temperature: 77-80 f

Striped bass have moved into Wahweap Bay! Perhaps the best fishing of the year is now found within sight of Wahweap Marina. Two to six pound stripers are gorging on shad from dawn until 10 am. Some of the best boils are found in the main travel lane from Wahweap Marina past Castle Rock, through Warm Creek, to the Narrows that connect Warm Creek with Padre Bay. Look between Lone Rock and the gravel pile for more boils in the afternoon and evening. The small stripers that fed in the bays last month have been displaced by bigger fish. Yearlings have been pushed to the shallows and shorelines to get out of range of the bigger fish that may mistake them for a large shad.

Cruise the channel scanning the surface for any surface disturbance. The boil appears to be a breaking boat wake but it is actually fish lined up shoulder to shoulder eating shad as they chase forage in a skirmish line across the surface. The disturbance may be visible for a quarter mile and each boat wake/boil should be investigated. Fish are staying up from one to five minutes. When actively boiling any lure cast into the fray will be hit. Usually the fish will dive as the boat gets into casting range. At that point a lure that sinks rapidly works best. I have had the best luck with silver spoons (Hopkins, Kastmaster, CC, Yamamoto jigging spoon) that can be ripped across the top while the fish are up and fluttered into the depths as fish depart. Surface lures (zara spooks) and shallow running crankbaits (rattletraps) and white or silver plastic grubs and half ounce white jigs may also work.

Uplake boils are more sporadic. Boils have been reported from Hite to Good Hope. Cruising the channel early in the morning is the best way to run into a striper boil. The same spoons and techniques work at both ends of the lake. Approach the boils quickly and turn the boat away from the boil as it glides to a stop to prevent the boat from running over the fish and spooking them.

There are very few shad in the Bullfrog area and consequently, few boils. Fishing for bass is still good but it is better uplake between Cedar Canyon and Hite. Best bass fishing is found on the San Juan between Wilson Creek and the Great Bend. Do not be surprised to find boiling stripers in this area as well.

Catfishing is excellent in the evenings on most sandy beaches with smelly baits or table scraps.