August 1, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3693.5 ft
Water Temperature: 76-80 F

My report is later than usual due a conflict with some investigative reporting. I spent two hours chasing striped bass boils in Warm Creek and the Narrows leading to Padre Bay. I found 10-15 different boils and caught fish from most of them. One real bonus was a school of big fish in Warm Creek from 7-8 am. These fish ranged from 3-6 pounds and we found them hungry for our shad imitating half ounce silver spoons. We got 6 of the bigger fish and then proceeded uplake where we found more boils containing yearling stripers. Size really isn't that important to me. The visual display of fish feeding on top and then smacking my lure is all I need. The action lasted until about 10 am when we came in to write this report.

I am sure the boils will be visible every calm morning for the next week. Can't predict further than that since the boils will decrease as the shad get scarce. For right now cruising Wahweap, Warm Creek, Navajo Canyon and the narrows leading to Padre Bay during the first 3 hours of daylight is guaranteed to produce a striper boil. Casting a half ounce spoon into the melee is as close to a sure thing as I can write about.

The same possibilities for catching boiling stripers exists lake wide. Cruise the shoreline and channels and quickly approach schools feeding on top. Cast quickly to the school as the boat glides to a stop. Try to turn parallel to the school so lures can be cast from the side of the boat instead of the front. That way your lure will begin working as soon as it hits the water. Keep the lure close to the top with a fast retrieve. Remember to keep the small stripers. They actually have better fillets than the bigger fish. The 10 inch to two pound fish are prime while the 5 pounders are starting to lose weight and decline in physical condition.

Smallmouth fishing is still good on deep structure near submerged cover in the main channel. Grubs bounced on the bottom are best but spinnerbaits and surface lures are working when shad are present. I caught a two pound smallmouth on a silver spoon in a boil of yearling stripers this morning. They will definitely chase shad imitating lures, and crankbaits.

Catfishing is good on sandy beaches near camp. Best catching time is the last hour before dusk and 2 hours after dark. Use table scraps or a smelly prepared catfish bait. Adding a live night crawler is a sure fire enticement.