August 8, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3693
Water Temperature: 78-83 F

Fishing is improving lake wide for both striped bass and smallmouth. The summer doldrums are over. Shad are large enough to attract the 4-6 pound stripers out of the depths to feed on top but they are not numerous enough to allow boils lake wide.

There continues to be daily boiling action in Wahweap, Warm Creek, Navajo, Face and Labyrinth Canyons. Fish size ranges from 12 inches to 6 pounds. Boils are seen consistently when cruising during the first 3 hours of daylight. Boils occur sporadically near mid day and then again in the evening. Morning boils are most predictable appearing at the same time and location each morning. Afternoon boils can happen anywhere. Carry a rod with a silver spoon attached when boating anywhere on Lake Powell in case a boil blocks your path. Half-ounce Kastmasters work but I have had better success with the half-ounce Yamamoto jigging spoon with hammered silver finish. This particular lure has a built-in swivel to prevent line twist.

The Bullfrog area has less shad than the upper and lower lake. There has been no striper surface action at Bullfrog this past week. But, Castle Butte in Good Hope Bay has been the site of some terrific boils. On the morning of August 3rd stripers boiled there for four straight hours. On some mornings no fish show while on other days the fishing is incredible. It is worth a trip. Even when stripers are not boiling they can be caught handily on silver spoons vertically jigged on the bottom near Castle Butte.

Smallmouth bass are hitting well in the San Juan, the upper Lake from Cedar Canyon to Hite, and from Last Chance to Dangling Rope. Fish are located in the main channel instead of in the backs and coves with the exception of Navajo Canyon where there is a persistent morning topwater bite for bass and stripers in the shallow coves.

The best bass presentation happens when the boat is parked a long cast away from a fishy looking shoreline. Instead of casting to the shallows try dropping a plastic grub straight down under the boat. Most quality fish will be at 20-30 feet while the little yearling fish will be running wild in the shallows. Lift and drop the jig while the boat drifts parallel to the shoreline.

Catfish are really tearing it up on sandy beaches at dusk and after dark. Try a combination of table scraps and night crawler for an unbeatable offering.