September 5, 1997
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3690
Water Temperature: 77 F

Striped bass fishing is good to excellent depending on location and technique. The lakewide pattern finds striped bass suspended on steep canyon walls at 20-60 feet. Cut anchovies suspended near the school results in great catches of fish from 12 inches up to 10 pounds. There is a real mix of fish lined up on the canyon walls waiting for your bait. Schools of large fish tend to scatter the small ones. In some spots 12 inch fish are periodically abundant and then seem to disappear as a school of 4 to 8 pound fish moves in. When the big fish leave the small ones return. A fish locating graph really cuts down the search time when cruising the walls looking for striped bass schools.

Some larger fish are beginning to appear thin as shad numbers decrease. Most fish are still in fine shape and offer a great fillet. The best fish for eating are the pan-sized yearling stripers that are so abundant. Please keep all small fish caught to keep that population in balance for next year.

It is almost a sure thing to fish with anchovies in the following locations: at the dam near the barricade, NGS intake between Navajo and Antelope Canyons, steep walls near Cookie Jar in Padre Bay, steep walls near mouth of West Canyon and walls 3/4 back in canyon, main channel near miners stairs opposite Cathedral Canyon, Bowns and Annies Canyon near main channel, main channel islands near mouth of Slick Rock, Halls Creek walls near cut leading to Bullfrog Bay, Castle Butte in Good Hope.

There have been some boils reported in North Wash and the Dirty Devil and on the upper San Juan, but the best action is deep on anchovies. There have been no boils reported recently in the Wahweap area.

Recent heavy rains and flood events have placed debris fields in the back of many canyons where striper boils would normally occur this time of year. Be on the lookout for driftwood and debris in the extreme backs of Antelope, Navajo, West Canyon and possibly any other canyon on Lake Powell. Do not camp near washes or narrow canyons during this wet weather period.

Bass fishing is fair and catfishing excellent.

I just upgraded computers and inadvertantly lost the fax phone directory. If you didn't get a report this week let me know and I will rebuild my directory.