October 2, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3687 msl

Water Temperature: 74 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

About the time the fish report hit the street last week the stripers in the lower lake quit boiling. Over the weekend they just surfaced less and less with each passing day. We are still getting reports of good boiling action in the Red Canyon area of Good Hope Bay but the remainder of the lake is quiet. There is still some really good striper fishing with all the stripers that were boiling, now hitting anchovies and assorted lures in 20-40 feet of water. Stripers were working the shallow flats finding shad near the brush in the back of the cove. They can now be located in the submerged creek channels that they followed to attack shad in the back of the canyon. They are suspended and feeding on plankton near the canyons where shad were found last week. Use the graph to find a school then drop a silver spoon, white jig or anchovies down to the depth indicated on the graph. Most of the fish are two years old and measure 12-18 inches weighing in at 1-2 pounds.

There is still a steady anchovy bite for stripers of all sizes along the steep cliff walls in the shade. The power plant intake in the lower lake is good for 10-15 stripers per trip. Steep walls are a good bet for midday fishing when other spots have slowed down.

Smallmouth fishing has definitely improved. Rocky islands in main channels and bays are great. Deep structure along steep canyon walls hold some of the bigger fish. Look for a little bit of broken rock or a ledge that breaks up an otherwise steep cliff. Fish 30-40 feet deep with a green or smoked plastic grub on a heavy jig head for best results. Emerging islands in bays and main channel areas are really good for pan sized smallmouth. The fish are in the shallowest structure and range down as deep as 30 feet. It seems the fish get bigger with depth. Try a bottom bouncing retrieve first but then race the lure back to the boat occasionally to entice those bass that are in the mood to chase.

We are at the peak for smallmouth fishing now while the temperatures cool into the low 70's. Striped bass will peak when temperatures hit the mid 60 range.