March 28, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3673 msl

Water Temperature: 53 F

By Wayne Gustaveson Gradual warming is moving us closer to the spring spawning period. It is not time yet. The earliest first spawn ever seen was the first week of April. It will take surface temps of 58-60 F before that happens. Watch for an extended 3-5 day period of hot weather to really trigger spring fishing. There have been some good catches of bass on warm afternoons but generally bass and crappie fishing will be much better in April. The bass pattern is the same over the entire lake.

Stripers are really warming up in the lower lake. There have been 10-30 fish stringers reported from the Wahweap area. The dam is the most consistent spot but fish are showing up at the gravel pile near the houseboat rental marina, the power plant intake betwweern Navajo and Antelope Canyons, the back of Navajo Canyon and Warm Creek. The technique of drifting anchovies at 25-40 feet is very effective. The bait may lay on the bottom when fishing from shore near the gravel pile. If fish are not biting at a particular location try one of the others.

There was a report of 150 stripers taken from the dirty water in the back of Navajo Canyon on anchovies. This is the second recent report of this magnitude from Navajo but there have been anglers who have fished there without catching any fish. Most canyons on the lower lake will have one of these huge schools that periodically show up to the delight of the lucky anglers who are in the right place at the right time.

Fishing in the upper lake has been slower for stripers particularly in the Bullfrog area. Hite stripers caught this time of year are usually associated with the mudline formed where the Colorado River current dives under the warmer lake water.