April 23, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3675 msl

Water Temperature: 57-65 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

Itís happening right now. Good weather has arrived. Water temperature is soaring. Bass and crappie have moved into the shallows to spawn. Striped bass are hitting. Dig out the fishing gear and give it a try. Spring fishing will peak during the next two weeks. Fishing stays good during all of May but fish are harder to find when the main runoff starts and the lake rises 6 to 8 inches per day. So right now is prime time.

Bass and crappie have moved shallow. Look for them in the backs of canyons and coves. The only really important thing to remember is that fish will be in the warmest water available. Find 60 degree plus water and you find fish.

Largemouth will be around shallow brushy ledges, while smallmouth will be on rocky ledges not necessarily associated with brush. Both fish will be on the edge of a flat, but deep water escape routes will be near by. Fish will be very visible. Remember that once they have seen the boat, fish get wary. Throw long casts into shallows before moving in for a look. Do not expect to catch fish looking back at you right below the boat. Bass will be doing the same thing in every portion of the lake. Avoid crowds and find your own hotspot. Lure choice is yours. Just about everything will work for the next two weeks. My choice is a small grub on an eighth ounce jig head. It catches everything.

Striped bass fishing is excellent at Wahweap, fair at Bullfrog and Hallís and getting good at Hite. Anchovies are the favorite bait but fish in the backs of the canyons are caught on jigging spoons and spinner baits just as well. The usual spots near Wahweap are excellent. The dam, power plant intake, gravel pile, back of Wahweap, back of Warm Creek, back of Navajo are producing big catches of striped bass.

Further uplake look for stripers in Last Chance and Rock Creek if you can leave the spawning bass alone long enough to try for stripers. Stripers migrate to the opposite ends of the lake to spawn in early May. The Bullfrog/Hallís area will get better for stripers in late May after the spawn when stripers migrate back to midlake in search of food.

If looking for stripers come to Wahweap. Largemouth and smallmouth bass should delight anglers all over the lake.