April 3, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3673 msl

Water Temperature: 49-53 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

It was really exciting to feel the warm sunshine and prepare for spring fishing. Then the inevitable spring storms hit. The water temperatures that had pushed almost to 60 are now closer to 50 and good fishing has been delayed for another week. As soon as three good warm calm days happen, the bass fishing will break loose. Keep an eye on the weather channel when planning spring trips to Powell. Storm fronts put the fish down and sun brings them to the top.

Prior to the storms there was a good pattern in the backs of most canyons. Spinner baits fished in the tops of trees in about 10-15 feet of cloudy colored water produced both bass and stripers. Colored water which retains heat from the sun better than clear water is the key. Bass are holding in the brush but will come out to eat when attracted to the sight and sound of a gaudy looking spinner bait. Stripers are continually prowling the shallows looking for food which is closely associated with the brush. Fish for bass but expect stripers to happen by in the regular course of the day. If stripers are seen on the graph a jigging spoon dropped to their location is very effective. This pattern will be repeatable lakewide as the water begins to warm again.

A rapid 5-7 degree increase in water temperature will spur crappie and bluegill into feeding activity. They will be right in the tree tops in 5-15 feet of water. Use very small plastic and marabou grubs and jigs with small 1/8 ounce or less lead heads.

In the lower lake near the dam striped bass are present in high numbers. They continue to be caught by boat and shore anglers at the power plant intake, the forebay of the dam, the gravel pile near boat rentals marina, and Warm Creek and Navajo Canyons. Last Chance is producing stripers dependably while catching at Rock Creek and West Canyon is sporadic.

Stripers in clear water are hitting anchovies. Look at the bait as it descends and disappears. Stripers start to feed at that depth where they can not see the boat and cannot be seen by anglers. When a school is located and starts to hit anchovies, try lifting the bait just as it disappears and see if stripers follow it back into view. I really enjoying seeing the fish hit the bait. There are more 3-6 pound fish hitting now. The numerous 2 year olds are suspended and not as active now as they will be when the water warms into the 60's and 70's.

Striper fishing is good near Wahweap from boat and shore.