May 22, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3685 msl

Water Temperature: 62-68 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

Transition time tactics and more hot spots!

The spawn is winding down. The lake is rising and fish are on the move. Donít get left behind because they are still very catchable. You just have to adjust to existing conditions.

Smallmouth bass have moved or are in the process of moving to summer time structure. That means they are leaving the shallow flats and showing up on steep ledges, islands and reefs. Prime spots are the deep edges associated with points and islands. Look for spots where fish can move vertically instead of horizontally to find shallower water. Bass come up to feed and go deep to rest. I like to park over a ledge and drop the grub straight down into the blue water right at the edge of the yellow water. Fish at least 15 feet deep for quality bass.

Stripers are hot but moving away from prespawn staging areas. The dam and power plant intake are spotty at best. Fishing is much better in the backs of canyons where water depth is 20-30 feet and water is discolored. Look in the back of Warm Creek, Last Chance, Navajo Wahweap and Rock Creek for fast action. A new school of stripers from 12 inches to 10 pounds is found in Navajo Canyon. Motor just past the first set of islands about 1/3 the way up Navajo. Then fish the first point on the left past the double islands.

Anchovies are still the bait of choice but I find stripers more active than usual. Iíve had great success recently on Ĺ ounce hammered silver spoons, silver and white plastic grubs and white marabou jigs. Find a school eating anchovies and try artificials. Spoons may outfish bait since it isnít necessary to rebait each time a fish is caught. The body count is going up again when these remote schools are encountered. Stringers of 100 fish are once again possible.

Uplake, Moki wall and the mouth of Moki canyon near Bullfrog/Halls is still producing good catches of striped bass. Some anglers have found the fish becoming very adept at stealing bait without getting caught. To get even with the bait stealers try using a smaller hook and using just enough bait to completely cover the hook. Others recommend setting the hook the instant a bite is felt. Others swear that letting the fish swim with the bait for a time prior to setting the hook is better. Each angler is different so try different techniques and see what works best for you.

I tried some bluegill fishing with a small hook and live worms today. Worms work so much better than plastic that it isnít even a contest. If you want big bluegill, wait until they are visually detected under the boat then throw the garden hackle at them. It was just great. The only thing better is how they taste on the dinner plate.

Access at Piute Farms is now great for launching but the road, while passable to any vehicle, is really rough with washboards. It is not for someone in a hurry.

Runoff is bringing the annual spring load of driftwood to Hite and the backs of many canyons with perennial flow. Look out for wood.

Remember to keep those 12-15 inch stripers so that more of the shad just hatching out can grow up to adult size.