May 29, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3687 msl

Water Temperature: 64-70 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

The lake has risen about 3 feet since the last report. Daily increase is 4 to 6 inches. Do not fish shallow flats. They have not yet been colonized by game fish which remain on vertical structure where they move up and down to feed. Fish will not be in shallow water until the lake stabilizes in July. Start fishing in 5-10 feet of water and go deeper until fish are found.

Stripers are the fish of the day. Fishing is hot from Wahweap to Good Hope Bay. Large stringers of fish have been taken from Warm Creek, Navajo, Last Chance, Slick Rock, Lake Canyon, Moki Wall and Moki Canyon, Bullfrog Bay, and the mouths of many canyons where they join the main channel. Stripers are migrating away from the dam and power plant intake. Fishing is much better along steep canyon walls where migrating schools have stopped to rest. A good way to find fish is to stop and ask other anglers if they are on fish. Most will wave you over to join the fun. With stripers the more bait put in the water usually means more fish for everyone. If fish are not being caught keep moving until hungry fish are found. The exploration will be worth the effort.

Once stripers are located they are readily caught on anchovy or sardine chunks fished on small hooks with the hook completely covered by bait. If bait fishing is not for you try ounce silver jigging spoons or white jigs and grubs. Stripers are at their preferred temperature of 64 F and are really active now. They will hit artificial lures just as well as bait. Trolling with Little Macs or other deep divers along steep walls or near main channel islands or points is a sure thing. It is not hard to catch fish once located. There are so many places that are producing stripers that it is not hard to find fish either. We are at the peak of spring striper fishing right now. Please keep all stripers caught so the population of predators can be brought into balance with the limited amount of shad available.

Smallmouth fishing is getting better but it is still not as good as it was last year at this time. On the bright side smallmouth larger than 2 pounds seem to be more numerous this year. Look for them on deep structure such as the deep side of ledges, drop offs, and about 20-30 feet down on rocky points. Plastic grubs on ounce or heavier jigs really keep the bait down near the bottom and in the productive fishing zone much longer than lighter heads, particularly when the wind is blowing.

Walleye fishing has slowed but an occasional fish is still taken. Catfish are starting to prowl the shallow sandy beaches at low light periods both morning and evenings.

I still have a lot of kid in me when it comes to fishing and bluegill fishing is really fun. I really enjoy watching fish hit the bait and bluegill are very cooperative. Keep an eye out for these panfish and when a school swims into view select the largest fish and cast a live worm in his direction. Big panfish are normally most aggressive and will be the first fish caught. Bluegill are some of the best tasting fish in the lake as well.