May 8,1998

Lake Elevation: 3679 msl

Water Temperature: 60-66 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

Hot news this week is WALLEYE and some new striped bass hot spots!

Look for walleye early in the morning all along the main channel and in most canyons. Walleye are biting all over Lake Powell now with excellent reports from Hite. Conditions are just right for anglers and these toothy tenderloins to get together. Use your favorite bass jig and add a piece of live night crawler on the exposed hook. Find the edge of a reef, point or rock slide and drop the worm into the depths but really close to the breakline. Walleye are ambush attackers and will be hiding in rocks or other structure waiting for a meal to swim by. They strike like a snake rather than chasing down their victim. They tend to hold on to the bait longer if a live worm is added. They are notorious tail biters and will often miss the hook. If the strike is missed, immediately drop the bait back to the bottom and wait a few seconds for another pick up. If that fails, cast the bait back to the same structure for a repeat bite. Trolling is effective but the lure must run in close proximity to the bottom or side wall so the ambush can happen. Walleye are light sensitive so twilight and mud-shaded water are important ingredients in walleye success.

The best news is that MOKI WALL near Bullfrog has come alive with STRIPERS. Just when things were slowing down a little at the dam and the power plant intake we have a new hot spot. Use anchovies, white jigs and spoons near the mouth of Moki Canyon for fast action and heavy stringers of striped bass. There will be stripers in other spots like the mouth of Lake Canyon so if Moki slows down venture out and try other close spots for an unexploited school. Chumming can increase the take or get a school started again after they temporarily shut down.

Striped bass stringers have decreased to about 10-30 fish per boat in the Wahweap area. The dam, power plant intake, and main channel corners in between these points seem to heat up for short periods and then the fish move or go dormant. Keep moving between spots. It only takes one or two schools to make the whole trip. If lucky enough to find your own school it is still possible to catch an incredible number of fish. We are nearing the striper spawn so striper movement is to be expected and fishing at dusk will get much better than midday. Ripe males search out prominent points near dusk as they stage to spawn.

Smallmouth bass are still fighting against the spring cold weather fronts. Bass fishing is only fair to good. It is tough right after a front and better when the weather is stable. Be flexible and willing to change to the hot bait or catch a different species on any particular day. Learn to fish with more than one technique to increase your overall success on a long trip to Lake Powell.

Look for bonus catches of Big bluegill while fishing worms on the main channel rocks for walleye. They will be on rocky humps and points in prespawn schools. Use a small hook to do really well on one of the most underutilized game fish in the lake.