June 26, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3695 msl

Water Temperature: 68-74 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

Early morning fishing is best with cool, calm weather. It is slower fishing during midday and a better time to be in the water with the fish to beat the heat. Evening is good but fishing comfort can be hindered by a persistent afternoon breeze. Striper fishing is steady and bass fishing is getting better.

Up lake, look for stripers in Red Canyon bay and also in the back where the canyon makes an S turn. The back of Halls Creek is loaded with 8-12 inch stripers particularly near the submerged willows. White Canyon in the back is teeming with small stripers. Moki wall remains steady at Bullfrog/Halls. There are some quiet times now at all striper spots on the lake but when the school moves in the catching really makes it worth the wait.

Downlake stripers remain at the same locations they have frequented for the past month. Catching improves at one spot and decreases at another only to find fishing hot once again at the first spot. It is still good. Keep moving until cooperative fish are found. There are some days that are unproductive but generally there will not be two poor days in a row. The NGS power plant intake is very steady and great at times. Navajo Canyon and Warm Creek are consistent. The dam is fair to good. The two main channel points in Warm Creek encountered just before entering the narrows heading to Padre Bay hold good schools of stripers at 30-45 feet. Rock Creek and Last Chance are great but it is not necessary to go that far so most anglers donít.

Smaller stripers in clear water are eating plankton and will be suspended at 20-30 feet, with larger stripers at 30-60 feet feeding on crayfish. Stripers in the backs of canyons will be chasing shad around brush and may even boil sporadically.

Smallmouth bass fishing is getting better each day. Juvenile fish are now on broken rock structure near shore. If looking for larger fish try vertical drops at depths of 25-35 feet. A really effective bait now is a heavy lead-head with a salty, soft plastic grub. I use a one ounce football head jig on 14 pound test line. The heavy head is bounced on the slick rock bottom making a knocking noise that attracts curious fish. They grab the salty grub and hang on long enough to allow a hook set. Go big and deep for quality bass.

There are still lots of fish to be caught. Fishing remains good in this third year of high fish populations. Come enjoy them and take home as many stripers as possible. We need to have some shad survive to keep fishing as good as it is this year.

This report is dedicated to the memory of my brother Kurt who loved to fish Lake Powell.