July 24, 1998

Lake Elevation: 3696 msl

Water Temperature: 79-84 F

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake levels are declining which will soon expose some of the best beaches of the year. Camping will get much easier as the water pulls out of the tamarisk trees. Summer patterns are now entrenched with smallmouth bass, striped bass, sunfish and catfish very predictable and therefore vulnerable to all anglers.

Warm temperatures have driven all fish deeper and put a lid on the fishing during the majority of the day. All the really good stuff happens before 8 am or after 5 pm. Fish for striped bass adults at 60-100 feet now. The juvenile fish are still in the upper water column and can be caught on the surface and down to 30 feet. Standard locations near the dam, power plant intake, Moki wall, Red Canyon are still producing modest stringers but more fish are found on random main channel points and islands. Striped bass schools are bunching up which puts more fish in one spot but makes success more sporadic. Finding a mega school on a wall or prominent point makes for non stop catching as long as the bait, arm strength and equipment hold out. Adult stripers remain in fair to good condition. They have maintained their body condition much better than expected in the low forage situation that continues to exist.

Small stripers are still boiling in early morning and late evening. They are in the backs of canyons eating shad that venture out of muddy water into the clear water zone. Shad that survived the first striper attack are using the cover of submerged trees to hide in while game fish of all kinds hunt them down. Try small surface lures and shad imitators around submerged bass for shallow action from a variety of game fish. Recent boils have been reported in the back of Navajo Canyon, Warm Creek, San Juan above the Great Bend, inside the buoy line at Bullfrog Marina, back of Halls, Good Hope Bay, and the main channel from Scorup to Hite.

Smallmouth bass action is good on pinnacle type island structure in the main channel and on steep walls with a shelf at 20-30 feet. Catfish are probably the most active and available fish. They are caught on sandy beaches with worms, shrimp anchovies or table scraps.

For those trying to listen to this fish report by phone we have gone through a change in providers that has caused a disruption of the service. We are now back on line and accessible at 1-800-275-3474. Once the code for Utah (88) is entered Lake Powell now has separate standing as a “region” . Push one to access regional reports and then push six for this Lake Powell weekly report information. It is no longer necessary to search under the southeastern region to finds us. Thanks for your patience.