April 9, 1999

Lake Elevation: 3677 msl

Water Temperature: 53-58 F

There was no lake warming this week with successive storm fronts passing through. Water temperature fell from 58 to 51 degrees last week. Bass fishing remains slow but that may be a good thing. As soon as the weather moderates, it is likely that all bass will get excited at once making it really good fishing over the entire lake. Look for 5 days of stable, sunny, warm weather and then come to catch bass and bluegill.

Right now we have decent striper fishing. They are schooled, hungry and actively searching for food. That makes them easy to catch on bait, like anchovies. Stripers have a keen sense of smell and will find the bait easily if they are in the vicinity of your boat or camp.

Schools rest in the middle of the old submerged creek channel near the backs of the canyons. Look for them at about 40 feet. They make daily trips to the backs of the canyons in search of food and can be found really shallow, at times, in the brush at the very end of the canyon. Lures and jigs work when fish are shallow.

Other schools of smaller and healthier stripers are suspending in the main channel and running the steep cliff walls. They are eating plankton which is most dense at about 30 feet. Anchovies fished at 30 feet have been very effective. Reaction baits or lures that are cast or trolled are working a little better in the Hite area where it is still possible to find some shad.

Mary from Page, AZ reminded me that stripers without shad to eat, search for crayfish along the rocky shorelines. An anchovy fished right on the bottom in a striper travel lane will be readily taken. The best time to catch stripers this way is during twilight periods morning and evening. So if you are camped near the back of a canyon it is almost a sure thing to catch stripers as they travel along the bottom probing the rocks for food. I would pick a rocky point with cobble size rocks and place the bait at 15 to 25 feet and then be patient. This technique lends itself to a lawn chair or a comfortable seat on the back of the boat and can pay of in a large stringer of stripers when the school passes by.

Stripers are being caught consistently at the dam, power plant intake, Wahweap gravel pile, Warm Creek (Cottonwood canyon portion), and many main channel locations. Uplake, Moki wall near Bullfrog is getting better, as is the mouth of the Dirty Devil near Hite. Wahweap is probably the better place to try for stripers this week. Next week, Hite will be better if the weather improves.