June 25, 1999

Lake Elevation: 3692 msl

Water Temperature: 75-83 F

The lake is still filling. Expect it to top out at or above 3695 which means it will almost fill to capacity this year. The weather is hot making it difficult for anglers to stay focused on fishing instead of swimming. The amount of serious fishing has dropped off dramatically. I think the fishing is still good but getting reports is much harder.

Striped bass catching has definitely slowed down. Spots that were good for 30-40 fish two weeks ago are now providing only 5-10 fish in the cooler. We still hear of occasional spots where schools of stripers are intercepted, but it is hit and miss. The two basic patterns are still working. Search the backs of the canyons early in the morning for stripers feeding on shad. Use crank baits and surface lures for stripers foraging in the shallows. Then later in the day try the shade line of steep canyon walls where stripers will be searching out plankton concentrations to filter feed on microscopic morsels. The chunk of fresh anchovy is irresistible to a big fish trying to eat micro organisms.

Stripers were caught recently at: the dam ( from shore at the walk down area near the fee collection station); high point on the wall in the narrows between mouth of Navajo and main channel leading to Padre Bay (Antelope Island side); sporadic action at points in Navajo beyond first set of double islands; Last Chance on steep walls in back; Mountain Sheep Canyon in bay before it enters narrow canyon section; and Slick Rock canyon in main channel. I have no recent striper reports from the upper lake. Please help me out! It seems that most of these spots are good for a short time - then they shut down and turn on again later. Mid day is the time of least activity this week.

Smallmouth fishing for aggressive bass, one pound and less, remains good. The action is still located on main channel points, reefs and rocks. Bottom bouncing grubs are the favorite choice but reaction crank baits also work. The new development is movement of smallmouth into the flooded brush flats , rocky points and flood plains in the backs of the canyons. Both largemouth and smallmouth are tightly packed in the new dense cover. They are vulnerable to top water lures, (Pop-r, tiny torpedoes, Sugoi Splash) fished right over the brush. Early morning is best but some report catching fish on top all day long.

Catfishing is good and bluegill are very abundant near brush and can be caught on small hooks and live worms.