July 20, 1999

Lake Elevation: 3694 msl

Water Temperature: 76-80 F

Lake level is stabilizing. Fish are in their summer patterns. Smallmouth bass are hot uplake and stripers are boiling on the San Juan.

Striped bass fishing has shifted from main channel walls to the backs of the canyons where shad are present. Once shad are tasted striped bass will not readily eat anchovies. Fish with surface lures early in the mornings to maximize striped bass catch. Some schools will linger on main channel walls but the main action will be in the backs of the canyons.

The hot spot is the upper San Juan from Piute Farms to Spencers Camp where boils will be seen every morning and then sporadically through the day. Resting schools can be caught on spoons, jigs and anchovies if located on electronics. Boils may happen in the back of any canyon. Keep a variety of lures available to react to any striped bass opportunity that develops.

Smallmouth fishing has slowed on the lower lake but reached a peak in the Good Hope and middle San Juan areas. If smallmouth are not biting it appears that moving uplake is a better choice than waiting to see if fish will "turn on" near your camp. Remote uplake locations are much better than heavily fished spots near marinas and other heavily used locations.

Catfishing is great lakewide and bluegill can be caught around brush.