July 9, 1999

Lake Elevation: 3695 msl

Water Temperature: 76-83 F

Stripers are beginning to boil in the backs of the canyons. Fish are small, boils of short duration, but for those who love to fish "on top," it is the beginning of the season. Can't think of any fishing experience as exciting as trying to get close enough to a striper school to make a cast knowing that if the bait hits the surface disturbance a fish will attack. These little ghost boils require a small lure that casts great distances. Try a small silver spoon or a near nuthin' when the boil is found. Another effective technique is to attach a dropper hook with a white marabou jig or plastic grub to a big surface lure. The big lure delivers the pay load while the small jig imitates the one inch shad that stripers are eating.

Bait fishing along steep walls has slowed but is still producing some larger stripers for boaters equipped with fish finding graphs and patience to try a number of spots before finding the school. Use anchovy bait at 60 feet for adult stripers at the dam, power plant intake, steep wall of Antelope Island between Navajo and narrows leading to Padre. Also try the major canyons that have produced in the past including Last Chance, Dangling Rope, Oak Canyon. Deep Canyon and Spencers Camp on the San Juan, Hall's marina area, Moki wall, Lake Canyon, Blue Notch, Red, and White Canyon.

Smallmouth fishing remains very good on main channel reefs, shoals, and points. Use soft plastic grubs or your favorite lure to find active smallmouth bass. The bite that has been so good seems to be sustaining itself right through the summer months.

Fishing pressure is almost absent with hot temperatures and the great activity of recreationists during the day. Fish get used to boat noise and can be caught right under wave runners and water skiers. Channel catfish reports are getting better as the water warms. Try these underutilized fish for good fun and great eating.