August 27, 1999

Lake Elevation: 3693 msl

Water Temperature: 73-78 F

Striper fishing at Hite is heating up while the San Juan cools off. Smallmouth and largemouth fishing is steady in the upper lake but slow near Glen Canyon Dam.

Striper boils are common from Hite to Good Hope Bay. There is still some good action in the upper San Juan but now stripers at Hite are easier to find. Fish early and late for best results but stripers can be found on top any time of the day. Over the rest of the lake it takes some luck to be there when the random boil happens. Anchovy fishing is only fair lakewide. Stripers are trying to find shad which makes them extremely mobile. They do not spend at lot of time resting along the canyon walls. They run to the backs of canyons in search of food and then back to the main channel.

The lingering warm surface temperature means that mature stripers must remain in cool water in between short feeding trips into warm surface water. That is why only fish up to 3 pounds are caught in boils. That will change next month when the temperature drops a few more degrees. For right now those bigger fish are working rocky ledges to find crayfish. Anchovies will work at 40-100 feet but fishing that pattern is slow this time of year. It is more rewarding to go to the backs of the canyons and chase the smaller stripers as they look for shad on the surface.

Smallmouth bass are tight to the bottom but very catchable from Dangling Rope all the way to Hite. The areas close to marinas that have been fished hard all year are not as productive as the inaccessible spots. The same plastic grub techniques that have been good all year continue to work. Bounce the grub on the bottom near the edge of quick breaking rocky structure. Main channel rocky areas are best but coves are getting better as shad are chased to the edges of the channel by wolf packs of striped bass. The coves will get progressively better as temperatures drop and all fish move toward the backs of the canyons.

Bluegill fishing also improves as the temperature cools. Look for some bragging size pan fish around large rocky structure in main channels and the backs of canyons. Live worms are the best bet but some of the larger bluegills will chase regular size bass lures. Green sunfish are really getting aggressive now and they are fun in the shallow water on light tackle.

Catfishing is still good. Try main channel beaches in the lower lake and inflow areas near tributaries in the upper lake for best results.