AUGUST 10, 2000
By Wayne Gustaveson
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Lake Elevation: 3681
Water Temperature: 79-88 F

Fishing is excellent from dawn until 9 AM (MST) for all species lakewide. Bass and stripers are feeding on shad and crayfish and are very aggressive. They will hit topwater, mid depth and on the bottom.

WAHWEAP: There is a brief surface boil from stripers between 6 and 8 AM. Look in Warm Creek, Navajo, Last Chance and Rock Creek. Investigate every splash by throwing a surface lure right in the splash ripples. Stripers will hit lures within 3 feet but ignore those further away. Precise, timely casting is a must. Fish are not very spooky but will stay on the surface only seconds after the initial splash. Stay in the area and wait for them to pop up again to get off an accurate cast. The biggest boils have 25-50 fish. Most boils are smaller with many single fish seen chasing shad.

Bass are very active on main channel structure. Use soft plastics grubs/tubes on rocky structure. Surface lures work around brush very early. Main channel rocks are better than coves for smallmouth. It is better to have the boat in 35-40 feet or more when casting to shore. If bottom depth under the boat is only 10-15 feet one long cast from shore then terrain has too gradual a slope and catching success decreases. Watch the graph while grubbing along the shoreline. Fish traces under the boat in deeper water are likely larger bass moving in a group searching for shad or other fish forage. They feed in schools much like stripers and are very eager to chase lures of any kind. When traces are seen on the graph or one bass or a group of bass is seen following the lure, drop it immediately all the way to the bottom even in 35 feet of water. Let it rest for a second and then set the hook. More than half the time a bass will be hooked.

HITE: A recent fish report suggested the following strategy: " Fish the first 2 hours of the day in White Canyon with Tennessee shad colored chug bugs for bass. From 9 am to 11 am (MDT) cruise from the mouth of White Canyon to Hite along the main channel searching for striper boils. From 3 PM to 5 PM boils start across from Hite just north of North Wash along the Palisades. From 5 PM to 8 PM the boils move to the mouth of the Dirty Devil and Colorado River Bridge. At 8 PM til dark fish for bass once again.

When fishing boils have 3 rods rigged. One with a white Buzz Bait. One with a topwater plug of your choice, (Chug Bug, Zara Spook etc). And one with a Wally Lure Shad Minnow 1 oz. (to use after the stripers sound)." Striper boils at Hite are staying up as long as 30 minutes and all serious anglers are catching more than 25 stripers each.

Fishing on the San Juan will be similar to Hite and Bullfrog/Halls will be like Wahweap.

For striper fishing the most deadly combination is one rod with a surface plug backed up by a rod with a jigging spoon. When fish boil use topwater. As soon as they leave the surface switch to the spoon to get fish that are still hungry and active but are going down to cool off and regroup before mounting a new surface attack. Spoons work best where bottom depth is 25-60 feet.