AUGUST 17, 2000
By Wayne Gustaveson
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Lake Elevation: 3681
Water Temperature: 80-88 F

Full moon has slowed catching in the lower lake while bass and stripers remain active near the tributary inflows.

Striper are still boiling but with less intensity at Hite while surface action is quiet near Wahweap. The only surface action at Wahweap is a quick boil before the sun's rays hit the water. It is essential to get up at first light to make sure to find a striper boil in the White/Farleys/Hite area. After the initial rush stripers continue to boil throughout the day but fish are boat shy. Approach the schools quickly but make sure not to drive into the feeding area which spooks stripers and causes them to dive to the bottom. Cast quickly as the boat glides within casting range parallel to the feeding frenzy. Sometimes it may be possible to park ahead of a feeding school and let them feed into range. Catch rate goes way up when fish come to you instead of chasing after them from behind. A little luck never hurts either.

Mid day boils may last for over and hour but the location is random. Just "happening on" the boil in the general Hite vicinity seems to be the standard. Chances of success increase in direct proportion to the amount of water covered during the day. Keep looking and success will follow.

Bass fishing is still good in main channel and main canyon broken rock areas. Deep structure is better than shallow. Park the boat in deep water and cast toward the shallows. The faster the terrain falls the better the chance of catching bass. Straight cliffs are not as good as broken rock areas. Swim baits back to the boat or parallel to structure when fish are seen on the graph. Bass are schooled and cruising like stripers looking for an opportunity to feed on open water bait fish.

All fish are more active in morning and evening twilight. Morning is easier for anglers due to the pesky monsoon generated wind that blows for about an hour at sunset.

Catfish and bluegill are hitting extremely well right now and can provide great sport for old and young alike.