AUGUST 24, 2000
By Wayne Gustaveson
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Lake Elevation: 3680
Water temperature: 78-84 F

Declining water levels have closed the primitive launch ramp at Piute Farms. Antelope Point ramp will be open through Labor Day and then will close. A spike flood release from Glen Canyon Dam in early September will cause the lake to rapidly drop two feet and ensure that these ramps will not be useable until next June at the earliest. Other access areas and ramps are open and operating as usual.

Striper boils are diminishing in the upper lake and heating up at Wahweap. Small to moderate boils are now common from 6-8 am (MST) in Wahweap Bay and the main channel around Antelope Island. Cruise from Castle Rock to the dam, then to Antelope Point and back for quick surface striper feeding action. Cast floating stick baits (jumpin minnow, zara spook, spittin' image, chug bug) as quickly and accurately as possible to splashing fish. Striper schools are large and cohesive the first time they surface but then tend to fragment into groups that feed in all directions. It is necessary to chase the boils and cast quickly to pods of stripers that repeatedly pop to the surface. Scan a few hundred yards in all directions after stripers sound to see the next boil. Get there quickly enough and a few fish can be caught from each boil.

The Hite area no longer has all day long boiling activity. No boils have been seen from the marina recently but boils are still happening early and late in White Canyon, and the main channel downstream to Good Hope Bay and Blue Notch. More effort and lots of cruising are now needed during critical morning and evening twilight periods.

Look for quick morning boils (6-8 am) over the entire expanse of Lake Powell. After 9 am fish for smallmouth bass on main channel and main canyon rocky structure. Bass hit top water baits early and then go deeper to 25-35 feet. Bass fishing is better in the upper lake near inflowing water (San Juan, Hite, Escalante) but is also very steady over the rest of the lake. Hite is perhaps the best bass fishing with smallmouth hitting shad colored lures all day long.

Catfishing is good on shallow sandy beach areas with liver, anchovies or table scraps. Invite a catfish to dinner on the beach near your camp.