Oct. 18, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3663  Water Temperature: 68 - 71 F

As the sun falls below the equinox, Lake Powell surface temps are sinking and fish are actively feeding in preparation for a winter's dormancy. This week water temps enter the 60's, causing black bass to move shallower and stripers to set camp on wintering grounds.

Stripers: Not much change over the last week. Stripers are still being caught consistently in the backs of most major canyons, in about 50-60 ft of water. Fish will move shallow in the evening and morning in search of forage and drop down into the depths in the midday for some rest and relaxation. Limited boils are occurring, just where stripers are finding shad. Reports of boils come from the back of Last Chance and Piute Canyon area on the San Juan. Use topwaters such as Zara Spooks, and shallow running crankbaits like Rattle Traps, for surface feeding stripers. Big catches are coming from the deep. Use sonar to search for schools in the backs of the canyons. Once found, fish deep water stripers with jigging spoons (Kastmasters, Hopkins, Shad Minnow, etc.), white marabou jigs, and anchovies. The most consistent method reported has been with anchovies. Rig anchovies on a #1 or #2 hook with 1/4 - 3/8 oz weight. Typically the larger stripers will hold just off the bottom. Smaller, yet fleshy, yearling stripers will cruise the upper 30 ft feeding on zooplankton. These little guys can fill a live well with some superb table fare. They are notorious for "stripping" anchovies off the hook, so try downsizing hooks to a #6 with just a 1/8 oz. weight. Circle hooks can also benefit anglers that are missing fish repeatedly. Trollers are also doing well for stripers at the confluence of the Dirty Devil and the Colorado. Try trolling deep diving crankbaits like Risto Raps and white 4" grubs on heavy 1 - 2oz jigheads. Big catch locations reported: Warm Creek, Gunsight, Padre, Last Chance, Piute and Neskahi Canyon, Red Canyon and Blue Notch, Hite area.

Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass: Fall comes second to spring for primetime black bass fishing. Top water fishing takes the cake. Fish topwaters such as Rebel Pop-Rs and Rapala Skitterpops in the morning and evening hours. Go deep during the midday hours using 2 -3" grubs in earth tone colors, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. Deep diving crankbaits with a wide wobble such as Rebel Model As and Rapala Fat Raps can be ripped around structure to produce some lightning strikes. Mainlake points typically produce good fish, but actively feeding bass will be found almost anywhere. Threatening cold fronts can slow a bite, but fish will continue to forage aggressively while the water temps reside in the 60s.

Panfish: Can be found lake wide associated with Lake Powell's limited brushy habitat. Use small plastic tube jigs and grubs in whites and yellows. Also try a small piece of night crawler on a "microscopic" hook. Add a bobber or cork for a strike indicator.