Oct. 25, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3662  Water Temperature: 64-67 F


Water temperature is 64 degrees which is the preferred temperature for striped bass. If stripers could choose any comfort zone this would be it. They are proving that in Warm Creek right now. Starting at the mouth of Crosby Canyon stripers are present in many large and scattered schools. Most fish are graphed near the bottom but many are mid depth and some are shallow. Schools are easy to detect on electronics due to wide separation from the bottom. Schools stretch from the shoreline opposite Crosby Canyon to Wagon Box Draw (next canyon upstream on the right). They are found at bottom depth beginning at 70 feet and continue all they way to bottom depth of 48 feet. It is possible to anchor just about anywhere in this area, chum and catch stripers in large numbers.

Those without a fish finder can catch fish by finding the mouth of Crosby Canyon and proceeding directly east to the opposite shore where a long sandy point protrudes into Warm Creek. Anchor approximately 100 yards off the sandy point, chum and catch fish. There should be other boats in the area so it will be possible to locate hot spots and schools by watching other boats. Fish can be caught on the bottom but it is faster once the first fish is caught to just throw a 30-40 foot cast and let the bait swing back under the boat. Hold it there for a few minutes and then reel very slowly to keep the line tight making it easier to detect bites. Remember to use a low visibility, small diameter leader to prevent line shy stripers from avoiding your bait.

Striper fishing has slowed at Hite due to a floating algae bloom that has clouded the water. Motor downstream until the algae disappears before fishing. Algae should be gone in a week or two. Bullfrog has some stripers hitting in the very back of Bullfrog Bay and Halls Creek. The striper fishing is still good near Piute Canyon on the San Juan. Wahweap is the place to be for striper fishing this week. Warm Creek, Gunsight, Padre and Dry Rock Creek are excellent striper spots.

Smallmouth bass fishing is still good in clear water. Bass are not as active as they were a week ago and fishing will continue to slow with dropping water temperature. Bass anglers can still find cooperative bass as long as temperatures are in the 60's. They are still hitting topwater lures early in the morning and tubes, grubs and spoons during the day. Target main channel rocky structure especially where two habitat types join. Large bays like Good Hope, Rincon, and Neskahi may be the very best smallmouth fishing spots.

Bonus walleye, catfish and bluegill will be encountered while fishing for stripers and smallmouth.