December 14, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3658   Water Temperature: 52 F

It's COLD on the lake when traveling. Trips in a covered boat are recommended. When the boat stops and the wind chill is not a factor then conditions are still nice for a striper fishing trip.

The techniques required for catching stripers are very specific. Electronics are almost a must unless you know where stripers have been caught recently. Then fishing where they were last trip is fine, because they haven't moved. Winter stripers are almost dormant. Expect them to be right in the deep water mouth of a short canyon or at 50-100 feet over the submerged creek channel in a long canyon. Stripers will be right on the bottom.

When a school is graphed mark the spot or anchor directly over them. Chum with 4-5 finely cut anchovies spread all around then boat. Wait 15 minutes and then chum another anchovy. Continue to chum at regular intervals.

Use a plain leadhead with an anchovy piece or a short carolina rig to put the bait right on the bottom. Gently lift the bait gently up and down. Maintain bottom contact but give movement to attract slow moving fish. Ice fishing techniques may work. Try using a piece of anchovy placed on the treble hooks of a jigging spoon. Only jig the spoon in occasional one foot hops. The spoon in this instance is the attraction and the bait closes the deal.

Fishing is slow but stripers can be caught at one fish per hour or faster when an active school is contacted.

Striper holding locations include mouth of Wiregrass Canyon, Warm Creek, Navajo, Gunsight, Padre, Dry Rock Creek, Mountain Sheep, Halls Creek, Bullfrog Bay, and lake section from Red Canyon to Hite.