December 4, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3660   Water Temperature: 56 F

Ryan and I left the State Line ramp at Wahweap at 1 PM. We motored for 15 minutes to the back of Wahweap near the mouth of Crosby Canyon. Then we started to graph the bottom contour and structure. The long sand point directly east of the mouth of Crosby falls quickly to 75 feet. Numerous fish traces and schools were seen in the deep slot but wanting to find shallower fish we graphed on. Our search was fruitless as most fish traces were seen by the sand point. After 15 minutes we returned to our starting point, marked a large school with a float and chummed 4 anchovies.

The breeze only riffled the surface but it moved the flat bottom boat quickly away from the marker and the chum. Spooning with wallylures and kastmasters produced no takers from the dormant schools resting right on the bottom. We returned to the marker, put anchovy bait on jig heads and carolina rigs, chummed some more and started to fish at 1:35 pm.

Ryan hooked the first striper at 1:40 pm. For the next 50 minutes catching was steady with one fish every 5 minutes. At 2:30 we pulled up anchor and headed back to Wahweap with 10 stripers and one catfish.

The carolina rig was better than the jig head today. The bite was subtle and usually occurred just as the bait hit the bottom. A dangling stationary bait was untouched. It was better to slowly lower it down to the bottom and then lift it off. The movement helped attract stripers that were moving into the area. We could see an occasional striper appear on the graph near our bait. Then we got a hit which is much better than a video game in my estimation. We trickled small pieces of anchovy chum into the water each time we rebaited the hook.

These stripers are holding exactly where they were a week ago and may remain there for at least two more weeks. An afternoon fishing trip on a good weather day is still expected to result in a good catch of striped bass.