JANUARY 26,2001
By Wayne Gustaveson
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Lake Elevation: 3666
Water temperature: 46-50 F

It's the dead of winter and toughest time to catch fish at Lake Powell. But, it can be done. Walleye and stripers are the most vulnerable. Slowly fished hair jigs, tubes, grubs or anchovies worked methodically near the bottom may result in the capture of some fine eating fish. Most action occurs in 20-40 feet of water. Trolling may be a method that will consistently appeal to lethargic fish that really want to take advantage of any foraging opportunity that happens by.

At Hite, walleye and stripers were recently taken using both trolling and jigging. Fish seen on the graph could be caught immediately with the first bait dropped. Action could not be sustained as the school of stripers or group of walleye would leave the area after one or two of the cohort were caught making it necessary to move on in search of another school.

Fish are definitely caught in bunches with long pauses in between. Smallmouth are dormant but a slow moving hair or plastic jig catches an occasional fish.

Angling is about the same over the length of the entire lake with some small flurries of catching surrounded by lots of time to admire the beauty of Lake Powell in winter. Warm, calm afternoons combine with the low angle sunlight to produce some of the grandest color schemes ever seen in this desert vista. Bring your camera.