FEBRUARY 5, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson
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Lake Elevation: 3665  Water Temperature: 46-52 F

Bass tournament results from a Feb. 3rd event at Wahweap indicated that fishing was indeed tough. Anglers did not fare well at all in the lower lake from Last Chance to Wahweap. Those running to mid lake areas where brush and stained water were present found a few largemouth. About 50 two-man teams weighed in 25 bass. Smallmouth were noticeably absent from the catch with water temps from 46-52 F.

Those catching largemouth generally found them using jigs (plastic and pork) in fairly shallow stickups (10-20 feet). I am not sure anyone got more than 10 bites. Most anglers I talked with indicated 2-5 bites all day. The largest fish were 4.7 and 4.2 pounds. The winners ran to Bullfrog or Red Canyon or somewhere else depending on who was asking. They claimed jig and pig worked quickly with about 12 pounds (4 fish) caught in short order after their arrival.

I felt bad in that I found out that Castle Creek/Copper Canyon in the upper San Juan was ice covered on Friday and I didn't post that information. Some anglers ran that far only to find ice and 38 degree water. I could have saved them a a few miles off the trip. The Chris Cross team did get the second place 'big fish' and 3rd place in the tourny after the long run. Their 4.2 pound fish hit a suspending crankbait near the water's surface. (It wasn't Chris that caught either of the team's big fish.)

A few stripers (2 or 3) were caught by bass anglers but for the most part stripers were also dormant.