MARCH 1, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation:3664   Water Temperature: 46-51 F

Bass tournaments occurred almost every weekend during February. Early tournament results were meager with less than half of the teams catching a 12 inch keeper bass, usually largemouth. Finally in the most recent contest 13 of 16 teams entered fish. While fishing for bass remains tough it is gradually improving as day length increases. It seems the chances of catching a fish is now greater than the chance of not catching one. But it might not be possible to catch two.

The spring pattern involves looking in the back of the canyon where brown water meets green water especially near brush. Warm afternoons are better than cold mornings especially where a huge rock face has a southern exposure to the sun and can collect the afternoon heat and transmit it into the water. Start shallow by tossing (1/8 to 1/4 ounce) soft plastic or hair jigs to shore line rocks, gradually working deeper with a slow bouncing retrieve. If no action try a float 5-10 feet up from the jig. This suspends your slow moving bait in a (non threatening) horizontal plane that cold weather bass and crappie find appealing. For stripers, turn around and throw to the middle of the canyon instead of the shoreline. Let the bait go to the bottom (30-50 feet) and then work it near the bottom for slow moving stripers and walleye. Use crayfish colors near shore and shad colors in deeper water.

Keep moving and repeating the techniques in the "green water" section of canyon. You can include your favorite methods by tossing a crankbait, or slow rolling a spinner bait or flippin' a skirted jig with plastic or pork in the shallow brush. There will be plenty of blank spots finally interrupted by one tiny spot that has more than one agreeable fish. Find out what is special about the catch and spot just encountered and then go out find a similar location with the same attributes. Catch another fish in the new spot and you have just cracked the daily pattern.

While most striped bass are found in the backs of the canyons at 40-80 feet, there have been some recent catch reports from Glen Canyon Dam by both boat and shore anglers. While fishing is still slow, the occasional school will run along the canyon wall eating anchovy baits along the way. The reports range from 8 fish one day to 30 the next. There is a lot of waiting between schools.