June 7, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3671  Water Temperature: 71-75F

Runoff continues and increases lake level 3-4 inches per day. Filling will continue for at least 2 more weeks. Antelope launch ramp is now useable although not officially opened. Piute Farms access is still not in service. Driftwood at Hite is thinning out and not the problem it was last week. Muddy water at Hite continues downstream as far as the horn above Good Hope Bay. Mud from the San Juan stops near Copper Canyon and water clarity improves in Zahn Bay.

Stripers are moving into summer time feeding patterns but schools are still running the walls during mid day hours throughout the lake. Stripers can be taken by chumming with anchovies near main channel and main canyon points, shelves and islands. Chum (3-5 anchovies) and wait 10 minutes. If no action move to another spot in close proximity. Stripers will usually hit as chum descends. Let your bait fall at the same rate chum descends for best results. Using a small split shot or no weight other than a 2 inch chunk of anchovy has proven to be very effective this week. It takes patience to let the bait fall the 5 minutes it takes to reach 25 feet but the reward is consistent. After the bait reaches 30 feet reel in and drop again. Keep the bait moving.

Stripers hit at the dam, power plant intake and Navajo canyon points for a short time each day and in good numbers every 3rd or 4th day. Try for midlake stripers at Moki wall, Moki canyon and Crystal Springs. Many other walls and main channel points are good. Uplake stripers have been reported in White and Red Canyon.

Stripers will make an early morning run into shallow water to find spawning shad. They can be caught on surface lures, crankbaits and spoons bounced on the bottom. Find shad and stripers and other predators will be nearby. Spawning and feeding begins at dawn and subsides as the sun hits the water. Get up before daylight for the best action.

Smallmouth action has slowed from excellent (fish behind every rock) to good (fish behind every fifth rock). I noticed a change in aggressiveness. Last week smallmouth were inhaling soft plastic grubs. Now they are hitting short quite often and biting off grub tails without being hooked. If this behavior is encountered switch to the "split-shot rig". Hook a plastic grub on a carolina rig so that it is free swimming behind a quarter ounce bullet sinker or split shot. Use a size 5 circle hook for best hooking results. Bass tend to hook themselves as they run with the plastic bait. Downsize to small tube lures for increased effectiveness in hooking short striking bass.

Main channel points, shelves and all submerged reefs in open water hold lots of bass. Avoid recently flooded flats which have not yet been occupied. Bass can be caught near most rocky structure with plastic grubs all day long and topwater baits early in the mornings. Walleye are hitting well from Bullfrog to Good Hope Bay. Catfish are biting at dusk and dark in most sandy beach areas and better near inflowing water.