July 19, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3671  Water Temperature: 77-83F

Most game fish are entrenched in summer patterns which mean early morning and late evening activity periods with a siesta at mid day.

The very best time to fish is from daylight to 9 am. Bass and stripers are chasing shad first thing in the morning and are catchable every calm morning. Bass are taken along the shore line around stick ups and prominent rocky structure with surface poppers (Pop-r, Sugoi splash, chug bug). Cast near structure. Allow the lure to rest until ripples dissipate. Twitch once and rest. Twitch twice and then work lure back to the boat in a steady chugging motion to tantalize bass.

Stripers will be in open water. Watch for splashes and/or 2-3 swirls. The action may be very subtle so concentrate on the water surface until you become adept at seeing the small signs. Individual fish splashes are probably carp but two or more splashes in close proximity are usually stripers. A surface lure placed within the splash ripple created by the rolling fish will cause an immediate slash at your surface lure. (Excalibur Super Spook Jr., Zara spook, Jumpin' minnow, Chug Bug). Stripers often miss the first attack as they try to maim and injure bait fish. They often pursue the lure and strike as many as 5 times on a single retrieve. With one or more fish rolling and thrashing at the lure it is almost impossible to keep from setting the hook and jerking it away from the pursuers. Try to wait until the fish is felt pulling the lure under water before jerking. One more thing - remember to breathe while all this is going on.

Boils are found lakewide but they are quick and ephemeral. It may be best to cruise the main channel and hope for stripers to boil near the speeding boat. When seen, just steer the boat parallel to the boil and cruise to a stop within casting range. If stripers dive and pop back up in short order it may be better to wait for them and try to determine direction of travel. Park the boat in front of the advancing fish and wait. If stripers don't come back up immediately it may be best to keep cruising and casting to random boils as they come into range. Boiling activity is usually done by 10 am. It may heat up again in the evening if there is no afternoon wind.

Stripers are still being caught on bait all during the day at many locations that have been good all spring. Fish anchovy bait at 30-50 feet in Last Chance (mouth of last canyon on the left) and point closest to buoy marker 30. At Bullfrog/Halls the main canyon walls from Halls to Lake Canyon and uplake near buoy 110. White and Red Canyon are still producing stripers for bait anglers near Hite.

Catfish are at their peak and can be caught in large numbers on soft smelly bait near your campsite from dusk to well after dark. Just use table scraps on the shallow sandy beach from the back of the boat. Fish on sand rather than broken rock or brush covered bottom.