July 26, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3670  Water Temperature: 77-83F


Hite is the place to be for fast fishing. Stripers are boiling from the Colorado - Dirty Devil Bridges all the way down to Two Mile Canyon. Boils start at first light and continue steadily until about 10 am. After that random boils occur throughout the day and evening but morning is the most consistent time to find stripers. Smallmouth fishing is excellent in the same areas and can keep the interest levels up while waiting for stripers to surface once more.

Stripers will take a variety of lures with surface offerings being the bait of choice. Use Zara Spook, super spook jr., jumpin' minnow, chug bug and many other "walking" stick baits. Shallow running cranks like spots, rattletraps, swimmin' image work as the school starts down. Jigging spoons will catch fish in the vicinity of the last boil while waiting for them to resurface.

Over the rest of the lake there are two patterns for stripers. First, small to medium sized stripers boil early each morning lasting until 8:30 am (MST). Boils are very subtle - almost unnoticeable with 9-14 inch fish feeding on larval shad near the shoreline in bays and coves. There will be an occasional larger fish feeding on top which can be caught by casting these same surface lures into the splash ring created as the fish breaks the surface.

Second, the main body of stripers are holding at 30-60 feet in many of the locations that have produced all year. Fishing anchovies and chumming for the deep fish results in fast fishing as the schools are large and fish are holding tightly in favored spots. Look for deep fish at Kane Wash, buoy 30, Rock Creek, West Canyon, Mountain Sheep, main channel from mouth of Halls to Annies Canyon, entrance to Moki Canyon on corner, Buoy 102, Bouy 111, Red Canyon, and Blue Notch. Fishing shade created by steep cliffs is a good way to stay cool and find stripers. Isolated rocky shelves at 25-40 feet are attracting hungry stripers that probe the rocks for crayfish. Crayfish are the second choice for an easy meal when the primary shad bait is absent.

San Juan stripers are present in large numbers from Nokai Canyon to Piute Canyon. Boils are few with most stripers in poor condition. They can be readily caught on spoons and bait at 30-50 feet but they are not in prime condition and not good table fare.

Bass fishing is only steady with one bass caught every 15 minutes. The larger bass are deeper and can be taken on heavy (half to one ounce) lead heads and plastic grubs at 20-35 feet. Small fish are still in the shallows but not as catchable as they were last month.

Catfishing is excellent on gentle sloping sandy beaches at dusk and just after dark.