September 27, 2001
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3665  Water Temperature: 75-79F

Striped bass fishing has slowed but smallmouth bass fishing is as HOT as the late summer weather.

Bass are very cooperative over most of the lake. I fished Good Hope Bay on 9-25-01 in the middle of the day and caught smallmouth at a rate of 10 fish per hour. A single tail soft-plastic grub on a 3/8 ounce lead head worked great. Eliminate unproductive water by concentrating on the EDGE of structure. Fish the spot where the rock slide joins the cliff face, or the edge of a reef where it falls into deep water, or the spot where two habitat types meet or a rough spot on a smooth shore. Survey a shoreline from the distance and pick out spots where habitat types change or other dissimilarities tip off bass holding areas. Target these spots for fast bass fishing.

The huge rockslides lining both sides of the bay in lower Good Hope were alive with smallmouth. Drift parallel to shore and drop the grub down to the visibility limit. That is the spot where the rocks or bottom substrate disappear into blue nothingness. Let the grub hit bottom directly under the boat. Jig it up and down a few times IF the fish lets it go all the way to the bottom before striking. Keep your six fish limit of smallmouth bass and enjoy a great fish dinner in camp. Remember the 20 fish limit does not go into effect until 2002.

Stripers were "off feed" when I fished upper Good Hope. Early in the morning single stripers would rise to surface lures about 2/3 of the way back in short canyons. No boils were found, seen or reported. Striper alley from Hite to Four Mile Canyon was quiet with only a few stripers steadily taken on jigging spoons or by trolling but the huge catches of last week were not duplicated. Anglers patiently fishing for stripers were catching 10-20 fish per trip. (Consider how good the fishing usually is if capturing 10 fish is deemed slow!) These lull is temporary and may even be history by the time this report is read. Hite is still a good place to fish for stripers with only the San Juan near Piute Canyon being better.

Stripers were caught on bait in mid and lower lake locations. Glen Canyon Dam is good for about 10 fish per trip. It is better to try to find a cooperative school in main Warm Creek (near the mouth of Crosby Canyon) or in the Padre Bay Canyons by graphing and then chumming and fishing bait over fish marked on the graph. At Bullfrog/Halls no recent reports were found. I would suggest the back of Smith Fork, Warm Springs and Seven Mile for good spots to fish anchovies. Remember to use a constant chum line to keep stripers under the boat once the first one is caught. Put one chunk on the hook and drop two small pieces in the water. Keep all stripers caught. There are many more stripers than shad at the present time and the population must be thinned.