December 19, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3621  Water Temperature: 52-54 F

Fishing is slow over most of the lake. Cold weather and storm fronts have dampened enthusiasm with very little fishing pressure being exerted. We have a few reports of hardy bass anglers catching an occasional bass on plastic baits fished very deep (over 45 feet) on a slow retrieve. In fact, it may be best to stop the bait for extended periods of time. Just let the bait lie dormant on the bottom with an occasional twitch or hop. Target the typical rocky habitat but work the dep end of a rock slide instead of shallows next to shore.

Striped bass have moved deeper following shad into the depths. Both shad and stripers will be deeper than 45 feet and may be as deep as 120 feet. Stripers in good physical condition, as most are right now, will be dormant between infrequent feeding periods. The best location for catching stripers is Hite but stripers can be caught in most canyons when they choose to feed.