December 5, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3622  Water Temperature: 55-57 F

Fishing trips out of Wahweap have been a delight if you like to watch waterfowl. Grebes, ducks, coots, and blue herons are numerous. Bald eagles are an added bonus. I saw four on one rock feeding on a fish carcass in Warm Creek Bay. The lake is flat, calm and very clear. The scenery is unsurpassed. Fish, however, are nowhere to be found from Wahweap to Padre Bay. If planning a winter fishing trip Hite is the destination that would hold the most promise for fishing success.

I took some pictures which are displayed on my website. A recent anglers corner report showed pictorial results of night fishing near Castle Rock in Wahweap Bay. Now that the lake has gone down it is easy to see why walleye and smallmouth were attracted to the rocky habitat. Smallmouth prefer rocks just big enough for a crayfish to hide under. Walleye eat crayfish and fish but seem to prefer a steep drop near rocky habitat. The exposed Castle Rock shoreline shows a series of rocky bluffs that fall into deeper water. The habitat show here is ideal for walleye and would hold fish anywhere on Lake Powell.

The next picture is of a graph showing a plume of bubbles coming off the bottom. This phenomenon is wide spread on lake Powell particularly this time of year. So don't confuse bubbles with fish. Each graph will show bubbles in a different manner but the characteristics of a bubble plume will display the same each time and should be readily recognizable with time. Get to know the non-fish things that appear on the graph so they wont be confused with fish.