March 12, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3648  Water Temperature: 48-50 F

Days are getting longer. Spring warming can't happen until the hours of sunlight exceed hours of dankness. Right now light and dark periods are almost equal. Two more weeks will make a big difference in waking up slumbering fish.

Walleye are cool water fish and will be the most active fish at current temperatures. They spawn in March and will be actively seeking clean rock each night for that purpose. Male walleye do not feed often as they are overcome with the spawning urge. Individual female walleye will eat except on the very day when they spawn. Walleye can be taken on deep vertical rock habitat with live worms. Fishing for walleye is better in late April and May after spawning is over, water warms and hungry walleye start to prowl in daylight hours in search of food.

Bass fishing is slow for largemouth and smallmouth. Wait for water to warm to 55 before expecting a consistent catch.

Stripers are moving toward current. A few more fish are showing up each day at the dam and power plant intake. Six stripers were caught near the dam in 2 hours of fishing anchovies over the weekend. The big schools have not yet arrived and fishing will improve dramatically with warming temperature.

There are a few thin stripers in the backs of many canyons. These fish have prowled all winter long in search of food to bolster their low reserves. They are easy to catch and should be harvested. Throw a shallow running crank or spinner bait into the shallow slot at the end of each canyon for a chance at a bonus striper.