November 8, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3624  Water Temperature: 59-62 F

Spending an entire week on the lake, combined with data from anglers that left just before we arrived, has provided a wealth of data about November fish behavior. Our destination was Blue Notch in Good Hope Bay. Last week stripers were boiling morning and evening and all day on at least one occasion. A major storm front blew through on the weekend (November 2-3). The last striper boil in Blue Notch was seen on the morning of November 3rd. Falling surface temperature and barometric pressure combined to shut down both bass and stripers.

We arrived in Blue Notch Monday (Nov. 4) to blue bird weather and flat water. The beautiful weather was wasted on fish who sulked on the bottom and refused to eat. Very few bass or stripers were caught on hook and line from November 4-8. The gill nets proved that many fish were still patrolling the shoreline in Blue Notch with stripers, walleye and smallmouth caught in big numbers. Sport fish had not moved. Shad were still present in the back of the canyon. The lack of good fishing results were due to weather and environmental conditions. Night fishing was slower than normal. For reasons known only to fish they do not bite following a major storm front in November.

There is another storm front looming on the horizon right now (November 8th). That means fishing this weekend will be slow to tough. When the weather moderates following the storm front fish will start biting again. Here are some places to look for post-frontal bass and stripers.

Warm Creek near the mouth of Crosby Canyon has shad and stripers. Try trolling rattletraps when fish are not seen boiling or in schools which can be graphed and caught on jigging spoons. Look in Gunsight and Padre as well.

Bullfrog Bay has shad and stripers in the back near the gravel points and camping areas. Troll shad imitating lures where bottom depth is 25 feet near the back of the bay.

Blue Notch and Red Canyon have many stripers and they will eventually recover after the front. Look in 7-Mile as well. There were many shad in both 4-Mile to 2-Mile canyons. Fishing should pick up in these areas first. Then the rest of the lake will get better as the weather moderates.

Despite the lack of angling success our trip was delightful with beautiful weather, good company, wonderful scenery. It is Lake Powell, you know.