Oct. 24, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3625  Water Temperature: 63 - 66 F

Winter storms are approaching and Lake Powell fish are moving deeper. Winter patterns are quite predictable. There is no reason to put away the tackle box because both bass and stripers can be caught in cool water. Bass will continue to hit until water temperature hits 55 degrees. After that they become more dormant. A few more storms fronts will cool the water rapidly or continued calm warm days will prolong the bass fishing.

Bass fishing is becoming more sporadic with a few great hours surrounded by longer periods of inactivity. Last week bass were deeper. They move up and down on their own schedule. Fish vertical habitat where the bait can be fished progressively deeper until fish are found. Then concentrate fishing efforts at that depth. When bass are deep a good graph can increase catch. Watch for fish traces on the bottom or swimming under the boat and put a lure in front of the fish. Many times the specific fish seen on the graph can be caught. Take chartreuse colored lures along. That color is more visible at depth where light is fading and has been very effective recently in taking bass. Bass will still chase shad every time they get a chance so keep a topwater lure tied on and ready. Many of the surface disturbances seen recently are smallmouth bass chasing a school of shad. Two very good topwater baits are the Sammy and Skitter Pop.

Stripers are staying deep most of the time and feeding very well. It is now a real bonus to see a boil as stripers feed quickly and efficiently on shad both on the surface and at depth. Striper ambush spots are quickly found by ravens, gulls, coyotes and blue herons. Follow the other predators to find stripers. The infrequent boil is the best way to quickly fill a big cooler with stripers.

Deep stripers are best targeted with spoons and heavy jigs or deep trolling with down riggers or leaded line. A graph is almost essential to effectively fish the deep schools. Find stripers and shad and work the spoon hard off the bottom. The white marabou jig (half to one ounce) is effective and easier to fish. It does not require as much work as the spoon vertically jigged under the boat. Fishing deep is the most effective striper catching method right now and should be used while waiting to see the boil.

The best spots to find stripers now include: West Canyon, Reflection, upper San Juan, Rincon, Good Hope Bay and the canyons near Hite. The Wahweap area is still slow for stripers except for the occasional boil.