September 5, 2002
By Wayne Gustaveson   Home Page:
Lake Elevation: 3627  Water Temperature: 76-80 F

Last week's report of poor fishing was proven wrong in a few places. Bullfrog Bay was the place to be for striper fishing. Stripers were boiling from first light to mid morning and then again in the evening. The action was in mid bay and quite visible from Bullfrog Marina to Halls Creek and into the main channel. While the boils are not very long lasting a few stripers can be caught from each one and they pop up quite often and are very entertaining to chase. When boils quiet down there are more stripers to catch by trolling down riggers or leaded line at 45 feet in the general area where boils were seen. Use a Little Mac, Shad Rap or Wally Diver behind the down rigger cannon ball.

Hite was next best with only a few stripers boiling here and there. There was some decent bait fishing for stripers right at main channel buoy #132. Visit the bouy early and late for fast action on anchovies during twilight periods. Battleship Rock and further back in White Canyon was good for bait fishing and produced a decent bite with shallow running lures cast to cruising stripers.

Smallmouth bass fishing at Hite ranges from good to excellent. Top water lures, spinner baits and crank baits were taking smallmouth and largemouth bass and sunfish in good numbers. The quick reaction baits were out performing soft plastic grubs which indicates bass were chasing bait fish up in the water column. These aggressive fish eaters can be caught in a hurry on top and just under the surface on shallow running crankbaits.

There was a school of stripers in Reflection Canyon that boiled early and late and then ate anchovies during the day.

Stripers boiled on the San Juan in quick morning and evening boils from Spencers Camp to Neskahi Bay. Some very nice smallmouth were captured just as striper boils subsided. Bass fishing was steady and getting better each day.

The lower lake was only fair for smallmouth and stripers were nonexistent.

I expect fishing to be quite similar this week. That means Bullfrog and Hite will be the preferred fish catching destinations. The water is cooling, though, and that will jump start bass fishing in the lower lake and San Juan.

The absence of striped bass in the lower lake remains a mystery. Fish for smallmouth bass if heading out of Wahweap and if you do happen to encounter stripers be sure to lets us know so we can spread the word.