OCTOBER 17, 2003

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3602

Water Temperature: 67-70 F

The year 2003 continues to offer nothing but surprises. Stripers are now more active in the lower lake than either the San Juan or from Bullfrog upstream. Don't run out and expect to catch boiling stripers all day long from Wahweap to Rainbow. But you can expect to see a boil at least every other day in a variety of lower lake locations.

Big Boils and Big Fish have been caught recently at the mouth of the Navajo Canyon and mouth of Rock Creek and up as far as Dangling Rope. These boils do not happen every day. When they come up the boils last much longer than the very quick boils seen upstream last month. Hopefully a pattern will develop and dependable boils will allow some decent striper catches in the lower lake during the next two weeks.

Mid lake seems to have more striper activity from Escalante to Rincon. Bullfrog to Hite is not as good. I cannot really explain why stripers are moving as they are. Perhaps it has to do with the oxygen levels at depth or maybe it has to do with shad vulnerability to stripers. What ever the reason the end result appears to be a movement (activity increase) of stripers downstream.

There will be more information gathered this week and hopefully a better understanding of where stripers will be next week will evolve so plans can be made to catch them.

Bass are still active lakewide and can be caught on a variety of topwater and plastic baits. Bass are still active in the main channel but also working back into the coves. Fast falling structure is better than gentle sloping flats. But bass fishing can be described as really good over the expanse of Lake Powell.

Look for more information here during the first past of next week.